Man and Woman

Learn everything about this brand community and their shows around the world. A plain, simple and pared down design enhances the work of these talented designers. Just take a look and your next destination might be Paris, New York or Tokyo !

"THEMEDIAWAY is a very talented and experienced team. We were amazed by their capacity to understand our needs. The website they designed was a perfect fit for our business. They also created a custom-designed administrator interface for us. It's a very easy to use and enables us to update frequently our website."

Plain and Pared down Design
AngularJS Development
Custom-made administrator interface

Symbolic App

A 280 000-years-old language designed for iOS 7! Thanks to this app, you will never worry again exlore unknown countries because you don't speak the right language. With more than 3000 symbols, Symbolic App will speak the only universal language that every one knows for you !

"I called THEMEDIAWAY because I didn't have the technical background to develop my app. THEMEDIAWAY was able to provide me the right technological support. Thanks to frequent feedbacks and great project management, my app was ready in no time !"

One finger App
Retina Resolution
Multi-language Development


Because we know every project is unique, we provide you with a broad range of services to answer all your needs.


Precise project planning, time management and our longstanding digital culture will meet your goals, providing a unique value.


Great design requires a mix of qualities which are rarely all in one place. Each team member at THEMEDIAWAY meets this culture, leading to great final design derived from individuals skills & passion.


Using the most suitable techniques for each project allows us to produce softwares and apps of the highest quality standard.


Testing is a vital aspect of software development. With it, we do not just provide you with the best, but also stable, lasting and maintainable products.


We strive for a smooth rolling-out process of your product and ensure it meets all of your standards.


We work with you on updating and maintaining your product to ensure its quality over time.

THEMEDIAWAY, a cutting edge digital and mobile agency

At THEMEDIAWAY, we are technologist and we make apps and mobile website development become easy ! Years of experience makes us an ideal partner for all your projects on mobile platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android,..). Our international team based in Shanghai will provide you with the latest tools in technology and design.

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